Software Development

We can supply a wide variety of custom software solutions designed and built to your own specifications. All work is carried out in-house to ensure the highest levels of quality. To compliment our software solutions we can also supply the relevant hardware therefore enabling us to offer you a complete package.

Windows software

One of our key areas of expertise is Windows software. This includes everything from small utility applications and database front ends through to full warehouse tracking systems.

Data capture and product traceability

Being able to track items through the supply chain is becoming more and more important. Using barcode scanners, RFID equipment and handheld computers we can capture the product information, batch codes, lot codes etc. quickly and accurately. This data can then be used to print labels, produce reports or e-mail customers.


Using our data capture and system integration solutions we can help you ensure that the correct product is being produced or has been sent out to the client.

System integration

Once captured, your data can be stored or transformed and seamlessly integrated into another system. This could be a database, 3rd party application or your existing systems (including commercial ERP / CRM or in-house systems).

Industrial control and printer interfacing

We can also interface into control systems (conveyors, line control, metal detectors etc.) and industrial printers (inkjets, lasers, print and apply machines etc.) thereby offering you total flexibility.

Mobile software

Another area of expertise is mobile and handheld software. This is typically running on Windows CE or Windows Mobile based handheld computers. Using mobile computers allows your staff more freedom to move around scanning barcodes, entering data and printing labels. Recent projects include warehouse integration (e.g. goods receipt, warehouse movements, finished goods receipt etc.) and RFID based item tracking system.


The majority of our work is done using C# .Net under Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and utilising SQL server 2005. We also use other languages including Delphi, Java, C++, PHP and ASP.

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