Web Design

Having a presence on the internet is a must for businesses today.

A good impression

Making a good impression with your website is important these days as it is usually the first place potential customers look to find out more information.

Keeping it simple

We believe in keeping websites simple, informative and easy to use.

Standards compliant

Whenever possible, we like to make sure our websites comply to the relevant standards. That's why we have the two yellow logos at the bottom of the page.

Web hosting

Not only can we design your website, we can also arrange hosting for it using your own domain name.

E-mail only

Not ready for a website yet? An inexpensive way to improve your presence and image on the internet is by using your own domain name for e-mail. Your e-mail address will become yourname@yourcompanyname - no more fred3732@someforgettablename.
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